Children and Poverty

I just came by from the children site, many of the are not so lucky, most of them are very poor and really need some save environments,

I believe that the protection of children is crucial to their survival, health and well-being. Everyday millions of children are exploited, abused or victims of violence. Bought and sold like commodities, they are forced to be soldiers, prostitutes, sweatshop workers, and servants. Only time reveals the consequences: children uneducated, unhealthy and impoverished.

And I believe that everyone has responsibility to save that children. Start from individuals, civic groups, governments and the private sector to help create protective environments for them.  Caring environments fortify children against harm in the same way that proper nutrition and good health care fortify them against disease.

They are out there without any protection at all.. they are in the middle of war, or maybe they are crying inside the big truck that gonna take them to some place where they’re forced to be servant, prostitute or anything, it really kills me to know that many of them do not have any home to shelter, do not have any person to protect them.. and very uneducated.. where’re the LOVES when we really need it one..

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