They Called it : Women Equality and Emancipation of Women

Case 1 :

A woman being a workaholic, makes all the men in the office as her enemy, never want to admit or agreed any single thing even if what they said is right.. each time, the guy come close to her, she will push him away, she thought that all the people will admired her for that and see her as a woman who hold the principle and knows what she wants

Truth is :

NOPE..!!! they will pity on her, they will feel sorry for her, the willing to work 100 times harder than everybody give a sign that she has low confidence..

Case 2:

A young, beautiful and smart woman once said this to me “I don’t need a husband, I can take care of myself and my future children, and if I should marry a guy, he has to put respect on me, do not expect me to be in the kitchen making him breakfast or sacrifice my weekend and my beauty hours only at home watching our children, he has to do that, and if I can’t go, so he also can not go.. we should do everything together, have the same rights.. that’s equality..!” and one day, on my birthday, I invite all my friends, including her to have a little celebration at one of the hippest club at town.. she comes by herself, while us, came with our couples, one of our friend, we wondering where is her boyfriend and proudly she said that this is our night, he got nothing to do with it, her friends and works are her boundaries, and she will keep those items and would never let her boyfriend come close to it.

Truth is :

That’s not equality, if you want those things, that means, you’re looking for a “mate” partner, only for your re-generation, what you have only a sexual thing without feeling involvement.

What is Equality..???

According to Wikipedia

Equality commonly refers to the idea of equal treatment.

and especially in Humanity it’s also known as : a belief that all people should be treated equally (the same)

But.. all those cases are what we called equality..?? emancipation of women..?? all the women in the world screams about the equality of a man and a woman, but do they understand that..? because all I am saying is… mostly we never know what the real meaning is…

I believe that me myself is a feminism, I fight for my right to have the same opportunity like men, but there are some condition when we have to say..”Leave it to a man..!”, I was like on those 2 cases, I worked my ass to have a great position, beating up all those men worker, sometime I did the wrong way or cheated to prove that I am the winner of those guys, but I got pretty tired, I realized that I don’t need to prove anything to them. And sometime I have to learn a lot from them. I also believed, that men can not dominate in  a relationship, both sides should have the same portion in deciding something. But again.. I was wrong, there are something that we should say.. “leave it to a man..!”

And now, I believe the equality is actually a respect. A respect between men and women, an appreciation from men to women and vice versa. The equality is when we have the same opportunity but with respect. Can you imagine that you are been offered to drive a huge tractor by your boss, you’re gonna say “WHAT..??? can’t you see that I am a woman..?????” well, yes my girlfriends…! repeat my words.. “leave it to a men..!!”

There is no relationship can beautifully work out if they’re dominated by a woman. Because amazingly, mostly the woman only desire for the opportunity but not the responsibility.

I am not puting my hand on any side, but this stereotype is starting make me feel disturbed, almost kinda like disturbing behavior of women. All I wish is that the voice of the women can be heard equally as the voice of men, in that case, we will feel confidence and worthy to speak up, there will be no a huge barrier between men and women.

We want to have the same right and point of view of our voice. but then again, we also should do the same way to men. God created us as 2 different kinds of gender for us to complete each other, not to fight and try to beat each other down. Let the men do their works and we do our works, I know that women can do what men can do, but we have the unwritten rules, we called it “destiny”, we have our own destiny to be a women who can complete a men, who can give the tenderness from a clumsy side of men, who can give tears of their insensitive side, who can give smile of their anger.. we.. Women have all the power of this nature.. and we work for it through men… And… that’s what I called women emancipation and equality…

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