A Letter For Me


– A letter for 24 years old me –



Jakarta, 14 April 2004



Dear Mita,


Finally, you finished your college and ready to work, today after graduation day, you will return to the office and find that you have assigned to involve in an important project, this project is going to change everything, work in it, be focus in your career, I understand that you can not deal with someone at work, but again actually, he’s a ticket for you to gain a huge existence in your career path, but that’s okay, do not put yourself in that position if you’re not comfortable, there’s too many things out there waiting for you.  


Today, is also your metamorphosis day, today, for the first time in your life, you’re really proud of your achievement, but do not hang on to it, today is only a very small part of your huge plan and achievements. This is only the beginning of everything.


You are beautiful..! please do appreciate yourself, being pretty is a relative thing, but being warm and friendly is one thing, be a person where people can talk to. Don’t be scare to speak up, your voice is worth as a gold.  


Continue your French and take your master degree at the same time is not easy, but your decision to drop your French class and take master degree is a great decision, by this time you ambitious will a little bit drove you around, it’s normal, but do not get carried away, it is okay to have ego and pride, do not feel guilty of something silly.


Actually, you will complete all your plans by the age of 27, at that time, you will reach the point, where you realized that work and money is not everything, you have to find a love of your life, fall in love is not a sin, not every guy that you meet wants something from you, maybe they’re truly like and love you. Don’t waste your time with someone that wastes you.


By the age 28, you will have some mistakes, you’ll regret it, but you’ll learn from it, do not judge yourself, as long as you can learn from it, it doesn’t make you as a bad person, assure yourself that this is only a phase of life that you should going through. Life is hard, so make yourself happy, do not push yourself too hard. Life is for you to enjoy. Put your respect on everyone, appreciate even for the smallest things that they’ve ever done for you, be good to everyone and be loveable. Enjoy every second of your life, then life is not that hard to live in.



Lots of Love


Mita – January 20, 2009 


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6 Responses to A Letter For Me

  1. Firewall says:

    You’re welcome :p

  2. amitabahar says:

    Nice comment S..!! :p

  3. squ4ll says:

    “appreciate even for the smallest things”

    I like those words…

  4. cheppychubby says:

    And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

  5. Firewall says:

    I agree with cheppychubby.

    On a serious note:

    What define life is not the years we live. It’s what remains in the people we love once we are gone.

    It doesn’t matter how long you live or what do you think you will do in the future. What it matters in fact is what you did and what you doing now.

  6. amitabahar says:

    Couldn’t agree more S.. 😉 thanks for the nice comment..

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