Easter 2008

Whew…!! 3 days off… for Easter… totally gonna be like almost a week off plus the weekend, despite all the cold winter, it’s gonna be a tough holiday.. alone, without no one, all the people that I know, ofcourse spend the holiday with their family… me..?? hmmm… Nada…!! Todo solo..! Plans for the days…

  1. DVDs… watch the movies just in case if the weather turn out to be rainy and cold.. even though I doubt that, consider that it’s almost spring..
  2. El Rastro… but not really sure they’re open
  3. Light city tour… hmmm… gonna be a great choice
  4. Casa de campo… yeah..!! never been there…!
  5. Cable car through-out Madrid.. I could try.. but might be soooo boring…
  6. Cordoba, Andalucia, Barcelona…?? Out of town.. hmmm… still questionable..
  7. Join Fed to Prague..?? been there before…
  8. Skiing in Navacerrada…. Yeah..!! but… it’ll be still on the day after tomorrow… be patient..!!

I slept with all the un-decided plans.. getting tired with all the un-certain plans… The next morning.. wake up at 7 AM.. breakfast, getting online, see the yahoo weather forecast.. hmmm.. nice weather..! warm.. decide to walk around the Puerta Del Sol.. maybe find something to read… or see the annual carnival happens every Easter… after walking around an hour.. I just realized that, I should SMS some of my friends in Jakarta.. but hey.. missed call and a message “Hey Mita, I am heading to the city, maybe if you want we can grab something to eat or anything.. call me..” that’s “S”… finally..!

S : Hello

M : Hi.. just got your message.. what time do you arrive at the city

S : in about 2 hours.. I guess…

M : great.. I’ll see you in the city.. but where…

S : Plaza Santa Ana.. it’s near to your apartment..

M : Great.. see you then..

Waiting in front of tobacco store… smoking in a cold weather is really great… ah.. there he is..!

S : Hey..!

M : Hey..!! where we’re going..?? (I have “childfootsteps” if I become so excited)

S : where do you wanna go..??

M : Anywhere..!!!

S : Shisha store..???

M : okay…!!!

S : Tea House..??? if they’re open..!

M : Palacio Real..!!

S : Okay.. let’s finish my things first and we go around..!

M : Yups..!

And here we are… walking along the city, even to some places that I’ve never been before.. see things that I’ve never seen before.. Hmm.. now… it’s almost Easter again.. miss those moments.. and miss you S..!

What's left on the Easter 2008

What's left on the Easter 2008

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2 Responses to Easter 2008

  1. S says:

    Hehehe, I miss those days too… It’s been a while…

  2. amitabahar says:

    😉 what a great day made..

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