I miss you…!!

Past days has been really productive days for my writing, ironically, the writing that has been haunting me for the last 2 years, has never been completed, I think I would start to name it “a lifetime project”

I really enjoy having this writing passion get back in me for the last 4 days, too many writings have been created, even only some of them are published in my blogs, some of them will remain in my laptop, until I have gut to release it, and some of them that being published will keep silent with password protected.

I miss you…!

I’ve been searching for you since last year, I miss when my fingers can’t stop typing, when my head full of ideas, when I am able to translate my feeling into writing, when I loose sleeps because all the ideas keep coming back. I miss writing a story, writing about someone, that I know I could never be. I miss translating my anger, sadness, happiness, emptiness into that writing. Mannn…! I think I am going crazy…

I miss for being free to tell everything, I miss having my ideas dance in my head waiting to be expelled, I miss my smile when I finished my writing with a great ending, I miss all the silent when I am writing.

I extremely missing you..!

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4 Responses to I miss you…!!

  1. koming says:

    jalan-jalan malam broo…

  2. Jondri says:

    Really ??? !! … hm …
    Hiks … so sad … missing ya ituloh … hehehehe

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