From an Old Box

She’s lying there on her bed, waiting for a call from some of her friends, it’s a very cold night, bellow zero, she doubts there would be people go outside their home or apartment. She imagines some of her friends whom choose rather to stay at home with their family and love ones, mingled with a cup of hot choco in their hands.

While her, just spending her night lying there, there would be some things that she can work on, but, she doesn’t have any will to do anything.

Again, she open up those envelopes, all she has to do is sign it, isn’t it her dreams? Isn’t all her works and prays finally come true?, she closes all that envelopes for the ten times, still leave the signature field empty.

She grabs the coat, she really needs fresh air, this is a very lonely night, the street is almost empty, only some people with their booze in their hands wrapped by a paper bag, she leads her steps to a coffee house in the neighborhood, an old man, named Alejandro welcome her as always with his friendly smile, she always likes him, his wise eyes and humble gestures always remind her of her grandpa, he has 3 children and 7 grandsons, however he only lives in his small flat with his wife Anna, both of them together running a small coffee house, they like to chat with all their customers, she always goes there almost everyday, it feels like going home.

She often chats with Alejandro, it makes her forget her homesick, and they always make her feels like home. Tonight, three of them sit around the table, she said that she’s missing her family, she said she doesn’t know what to look for anymore, she said she wants to choose the other option, she said she can’t face the world alone because she’s not strong enough for that, she said she’s tired, she said she’s stop wanting, she said the world is too big for her.

Simply, Alejandro replied with smile on his face, “all you want is going home, so go home, do not live in the world that you try to create, live in the world that God already created for you. Do not think that you waste all your works, you don’t need to prove anything to people, you don’t have to be ashamed going home, you don’t have to be scare of what people say, stop thinking of what people want, think of what you want, all parents want their children to be around them all the time, but there also would be a time when they have to let them go, and all the children never realized the thing that they call home, is their parents”

On her way home, she’s back of her thoughts, what she really wants..?, isn’t this would make her parents proud? Isn’t this what she works for? what is she looking for?

She’s going back to her flat, pick up a phone and dialed a number, a lovely voice on the other side pick up the phone, directly she answers her hello, with “Mom, can I go home..? for good? I am done here”

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