Things that bother me…

Take credit of other’s work

This is so low, use your own brain, I can not tolerate seeing something unfair, have a pity on yourself


Good Lord.. have you ever think if the place or the position that you are now, purely because of your work? or because your ability to kiss someone’s butt?. For me, I’d rather have everything’s so hard and be known because of my work ethic

I can’t stand of people who always freaky happy and unreasonably positive minded

Don’t get wrong.. I love being positive, and I do always take things in positive way, but.. reality bites dear.. sometime, it would be so very hard to take the positive side of a horrible things, and when it comes, don’t push it too hard, by being unreasonably positive, what you have to do is deal with it and live it. Shit happens.. this is what we call life.. sometime you can directly see what’s positive in negative, but sometime, it needs time to see the positive appears

Stop being a freaky happy… – girl… you need to slowing down on your morning coffee, too much caffeine is not good for your heart

Do not Threat, Trap and Comparing

With me..? Things don’t work that way.. why? Because the more I felt that I am being threatened, I will threat you back, the more I felt that I am being trapped, I’ll try to destroy you and if I realize that you’re comparing me with anyone else, I’ll do nothing, except doing what I like and will hit you back by comparing with others – which I think you won’t like it..

This is not the angry me talking.. but I am sick and tired of sitting around and be a cutie innocent person, I do tolerate, but there will come the time when I think it’s enough..


If  Mario Teguh said; Wanita yang perokok dan suka clubbing tidak mungkin direncanakan menjadi istri, how you people will react, if I said; Pria perokok dan punya double standard tidak pantas mempunyai hak untuk memilih istri, hohoho.. I am pretty sure that all the guys in this nation will hit me back, with some unreasonable reasons.

See this way; I don’t like seeing things being generalized, one question for you people; have you ever mad, when other country said that; Indonesia = TKW = Pembantu…?, trust me.. I travel a lot.. and it bothers me, some airlines even grouped Indonesian passports to sit in certain area in the airplane, and even some stewardesses treated us in that certain area different than the Caucasians

I have friends who smoke is growing being a loving mother and a strong wife, I also have a friend who’s not smoking fail in her marriage. I have friends who’s smoking, is been chasing with a great man who want to spend the rest of his life with her, I have friends who never smoke, but she still single until this moment I am writing this blog post.

Open up..! being a good wife or being planned to be a someone else’s wife is not measured by are you smoking or not, think first before you generalize something. Me..? I do smoke, but I don’t club, I hate gossip and any other gossip shows I prefer staying at home making cookies and watching CSI than shaking my body to the beat.. is it still worse than a woman who’s not smoking but spending her time by gossiping around?

See a very Pride-less guy

To whom it may concern; could you leave my best friend alone, have a pride a bit, stop being all over my best friend, move to somewhere else like Timbuktu..! you have a fiancée for God sake

See a very strong and smart woman, do nothing while being used with a pride-less guy

Dear friend.. WAKE UP..!

Two Faces

You don’t like me? have a gut to say it out loud..

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