My Forgotten Notes

Sakit di Hari Senin kemarin sempat bikin gue kurang kerjaan, sambil mengaduk-ngaduk notebook sekaligus merapihkan file-file yang tercecer disana-sini. Satu folder dengan nama tersamar sempat terbuang di recycle bin, yang kemudian gue buka lagi pas mau mengosongkan recycle bin, karena penasaran, akhirnya gue restore ke tempat semula.

September, 25, 08

Arrived in Bali last night at 10 PM, got dinner with the big families at 11.

Going to have a new scratch in life, what am I going to have, new shitty situation at work?, another selfish jerk/bitch walking around the office? Well, at least I can get out from the awkward situation back there. Been worse, and can’t wait to have another one..

Come on life.. what do you have for me? Bring it on..!

December, 30,08


When time said that it’s enough, that’s when I decide; everything should be cleared before begin a new chapter. Gw udah ikhlas se ikhlas-ikhlasnya. Moving on..!


What do you feel if disappointed, rejected, unwanted come together in one package? Hurt like hell..!


January, 28,09

A set of nice words won’t change my mind, I’ve grown…

January, 30,09

Had a birthday blast from the girls!, that was a great party, thanks for flying away from Jakarta for me..!




Then, I am officially completely nuts..!

July, 10,09

So, I am not scare, thank you God for making me feel this again……


…….and one twitter post strikes me, completely believe that one goes for me. I should’ve know this will come. Got no place to talk to, need my girls.

The folder has been deleted, sector cleared

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2 Responses to My Forgotten Notes

  1. Sept 08..
    New office..been worse and can’t wait to have another one :p

    I felt the same…wanted to go out..anywhere..anywhere but there….and heaps thanks to God when finally the chance came 🙂
    God luck to you mbak..there will be the day..

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