Victorious For Spain

A month of sleepless night has end, resulting Spain as the new World Cup Champion 2010. I must admit, little bit pessimistic when I saw Spain has been beaten by Swiss in the first round, but still, Spain went along into the matches and ended as a champion.

Thanks for my lovely Beau for always support Spain unless on the last match (he always supports Netherlands).. well uhmm.. sorry hun.. *kisses and also thanks to a ball-crazy  bunch on BBM conference for their chats in the early morning..! we’re rock..! gonna miss this event.. can’t wait for 2014.. 😉

Congratulation for Spain, hopefully this will continue until endless time..!

Spain Celebrates The Victory

Picture is taken from here

Bravo España..!

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1 Response to Victorious For Spain

  1. denisurya says:

    Congratz Spain, but i hope in 2004 not same path with Jerman, so they can met in Final, so i can support them until Final 😀

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