My Dream last Night

That old wooden house still stands strong in between two new houses with the latest design of a modern life. When I step into the old house, a crack mumbled from the floor and the door make a creaky sound, for me it is like welcoming a child who’s never coming home after a long journey of life.

I sit tight in the front porch, the red old chairs remain the same, so does the round table, we used to sit here, all of us, talked about everything, my school, families, dogs, and even recipes, we had what we call “Snoopen Time” where we all have a cup of tea or coffee, and some cookies.

At the exact Snoopen Time, now I sit alone, 17 years ago, all these chairs were full. Yes, I have special bounds with them, I grew up in this house, I grew up with them, I learned how to be a woman.

Now, here I am, I am living a good job and I am a wife, I travelled to those countries that you’ve told me that day, I speak more than 2 languages like I ever promise before, I work and I take care my house at the same time like you always want me to do.

Oh, how I miss this happy house, for me this will always be my home. I remember, 3 bedrooms, 1 sewing room and a big open air kitchen, where we baked cookies. We have a small room, where you loved hearing us singing, even my voice is not that good, it still though *chuckles . When we’re not singing, you told stories, “a girl with a red hood”, “a silly wolf”, “Lazy donkey” and many other fairytales.

Oh hey.. I remember those 8 cute puppies running around here and there, their parent; Kiki and Therry just watched over their small dog house in front of the back porch and that cat, named Liz that always sleep on a big chair by the window, I must tell you, I hate that cat, her furs are everywhere on my sewing, I often locked her out.. *chuckles sorry grandma

Time flies, people get old and die, and some are just born and grow. Now I tell a story about my grandparent, one day, my grand children will tell a story about me.

When time flies, you’ll go without looking back, but sometime, you have to stop a while, sit and look back. You’ll see what makes you are now, where are you from and people that still behind you and never get a chance to see where you’re heading to. That what makes you stronger, makes you believe in yourself, makes you keep your feet on the ground and more important, it makes you grateful of each day that has passed and will be passed one day.

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