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Cupcake yang Moist dan Super Duper Yummy..!

Sepertinya udah beribu-ribu tahun ini blog ga di update. Sebenernya hasrat menulis udah lama banget pengen direalisasikan, tapi selalu kepentok ama hasrat pengen masak, pengen baking, pengen merajut, pengen menjahit ato pengen lainnya (well.. sebenernya sih cuma karena males doang … Continue reading

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For those who s…

For those who said “craving” is just an excuse.. We bring at least 3 or 4 kg in our belly for 24/7, nonstop, for at least 4 more months.. We can’t sleep, have short-breath and should have extra control on … Continue reading

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Kasus Anak Pejabat

Here’s a thought.. bukan bermaksud untuk memihak kepada anak pejabat, tapi gue rasa masyarakat di Indonesia ini udah mulai harus berfikir tentang keselamatan berkendara. Bayangin aja, satu motor bisa dipake maksimal ber-lima dan minimal ber-tiga, kopaja ato metromini yang kapasitas … Continue reading

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Perempuan Lebay

Seriously girls.. if you’re afraid of the sun, the tan and the beach.. don’t go to Bali.. or, if you wear your hottest bikini but still laying down under super big umbrella, then.. you shouldn’t go to Bali. 3 years living … Continue reading

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Shut Up and Be Cool

One big family has the same point of view about “Debt”, which is “Find people whom you think have a lot of money, borrow some and never pay.. act like you completely forget and be cool..!”

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Happy “Almost” Anniversary…!

Dear you… The truth is, since I first saw you, you already caught my eyes, because I see that you’re in somekind of way is different, but I know that I can do nothing. For the second time, I met … Continue reading

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