Shut Up and Be Cool

One big family has the same point of view about “Debt”, which is “Find people whom you think have a lot of money, borrow some and never pay.. act like you completely forget and be cool..!”


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Mind is All Around

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, gue ngerasa sangat amat gampang stress, stress karena gue ngerasa semuanya buntu, kalo bahasa kerennya gue kena mind block, somehow gue ngerasa sedang berada di depan dinding tebal yang susah banget ditembus.

Gue merasa sedang berada di ambang titik jenuh, jenuh sama kerjaan dan jenuh sama rutinitas. Daya kreativitas yang udah menurun dan spontanitas yang entah udah berapa lama hilang, hal-hal tersebut membuat gue sangat frustasi. Gue butuh semangat, excitement dan motivasi yang baru, yang bisa bikin gue fokus ke depan.

Semua hal diatas bikin gue mikir, it’s really scary if you stop wanting something, when you starting stop caring about everything and realize how spirit, motivations and excitement will keep you alive.

Setiap orang memang berbeda, ada beberapa orang yang merasa tetap excited berada di zona aman yang sama selama bertahun-tahun, ada yang gak pernah betah berada pada satu zona dalam kurun waktu yang mungkin lebih sebentar. Gue bukan tipe pertama, gue tipe kedua, dan menurut gue, orang dengan tipe kedua, cepat ato lambat akan menghadapi konflik didalam hidupnya, ketika life priority berubah. That’s what happened to me, I am forced to be in the same zone when I changed my life priority.

Gue suka sirik melihat isi twitter adik-adik gue yang exciting dengan hal-hal baru dalam hidup mereka, kerjaan baru, teman baru, goal baru sampe dengan pacar baru.. I used to find it a little bit cheesy and too much (masak pacar baru aja di announce), but now, I just realized, hal-hal tersebut yang bikin mereka excite buat menjalani hari-hari kedepan. Sementara gue merasa, life excitement gue udah menurun, new experience semakin berkurang. Bless them who can enjoy every second in their life..! J

So I reset myself..! gue mulai mencari-cari sekitar 10 tahun yang lalu, hal apa yang bikin gue exciting, yang udah lama gak pernah gue lakuin ato pikirin lagi, result..?

Bought an oven..

Dulu, ketika gue masih sangat muda, gue sangat suka bikin kue, and believe it or not, I made cookies if I got depressed, cooking membuat gue merasa kreativitas dan kerja keras gue masih dihargai (karena pasti dimakan), appreciation makes us stronger and more confident.. J

Making scrap pictures

Masih ingat betapa bangganya dulu, waktu kita baru bisa bikin wallpaper untuk pertama kalinya, dengan mengumpulkan foto-foto kita dengan berbagai pose..? yup..! I made that couple days ago.. 😉 and no.. I won’t upload it here..

Called an old best friends

These days.. I can’t stand talking over phone more than 5 minutes.. while couple years ago, it could spend like an hour..

Making new journal

I threw away the old one, delete it, it’s so depressing..! so I made the new one.. J

Making an anonymous blog to free my mind and publish my writing

Couple years ago, I had to close my blog for some reason, one of them is said that my writing – implied to my way of thinking, is too damn off the boundaries. That caused me to close my blog and email account.. *pffiuuhh…

Now, I am not afraid to write anything because it will stay anonymously. And plus.. I could publish my writing without being embarrassed.. 😀

Sebenernya masih banyak lagi yang pengen gue lakuin, but it will go on progress. Sekarang gue masih dalam proses me reset hidup gue, I am starting from zero, I will see some small common things turn into something exciting.

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Happy “Almost” Anniversary…!

Dear you…

The truth is, since I first saw you, you already caught my eyes, because I see that you’re in somekind of way is different, but I know that I can do nothing. For the second time, I met you, I strangely like you.

I don’t remember when it starts, but I started missing you all the time, even if we already spent almost 24 hours together. Sometimes I wish that I had never met you, so I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.

Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That’s what it’s like for me. I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and that’s why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I’ll never forget a single moment of it.

It’s been one year when I decide that there is no other man could make me head over heel, and it is only you, who can make me love the way I am. Sometime I feel like I can’t love you enough.

In one year we both embracing the happiest time and struggling through saddest time, having that makes me realize that we can go through everything.

I am proud to be your wife and a mother of our daughter.

I love your differences, and I admire your spirits as simple as I adore and love you.

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Sadia Mayra Kinanti

U must be a lovely little angel that God loves you so much more than we do..

Thank u for wonderful 8 months sweetheart..

Titip surga buat mamah, papah ya nak.. Insyaallah kita ketemu lagi..

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Failed Advertisements

This advertisements always make laugh even though I have read it over and over again.

“Fine food expertly served by waitresses in appetizing forms. Dinner Special — Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00”

“For sale: an antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.”

“Sheer stockings. Designed for fancy dress, but so serviceable that lots of women wear nothing else.”

“Wanted. Man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.”

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My Dream last Night

That old wooden house still stands strong in between two new houses with the latest design of a modern life. When I step into the old house, a crack mumbled from the floor and the door make a creaky sound, for me it is like welcoming a child who’s never coming home after a long journey of life.

I sit tight in the front porch, the red old chairs remain the same, so does the round table, we used to sit here, all of us, talked about everything, my school, families, dogs, and even recipes, we had what we call “Snoopen Time” where we all have a cup of tea or coffee, and some cookies.

At the exact Snoopen Time, now I sit alone, 17 years ago, all these chairs were full. Yes, I have special bounds with them, I grew up in this house, I grew up with them, I learned how to be a woman.

Now, here I am, I am living a good job and I am a wife, I travelled to those countries that you’ve told me that day, I speak more than 2 languages like I ever promise before, I work and I take care my house at the same time like you always want me to do.

Oh, how I miss this happy house, for me this will always be my home. I remember, 3 bedrooms, 1 sewing room and a big open air kitchen, where we baked cookies. We have a small room, where you loved hearing us singing, even my voice is not that good, it still though *chuckles . When we’re not singing, you told stories, “a girl with a red hood”, “a silly wolf”, “Lazy donkey” and many other fairytales.

Oh hey.. I remember those 8 cute puppies running around here and there, their parent; Kiki and Therry just watched over their small dog house in front of the back porch and that cat, named Liz that always sleep on a big chair by the window, I must tell you, I hate that cat, her furs are everywhere on my sewing, I often locked her out.. *chuckles sorry grandma

Time flies, people get old and die, and some are just born and grow. Now I tell a story about my grandparent, one day, my grand children will tell a story about me.

When time flies, you’ll go without looking back, but sometime, you have to stop a while, sit and look back. You’ll see what makes you are now, where are you from and people that still behind you and never get a chance to see where you’re heading to. That what makes you stronger, makes you believe in yourself, makes you keep your feet on the ground and more important, it makes you grateful of each day that has passed and will be passed one day.

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Ngenggres Yookk…!

Setelah insiden @tifsembiring tadi malem, gue jadi inget beberapa kejadian lucu yang melibatkan bhs inggris yang bikin gue ngakak. Ini bukan untuk mengejek, tapi harus diakuin, sering kali bhs inggris yang salah ato salah arti bikin kita ketawa ngakak. Gue coba merangkum beberapa kejadian lucu berhubungan dengan bahasa Inggris ;

Taken from here

A: I have to get home early

B : going somewhere?

A: I have to collect all my kids from school

*Langsung kebayang, anaknya yang berkeliaran dan merambat dimana-mana


A: she’s hot..!

B : she’s married

A : really?? That’s great..!

A: uhm..She has a husband..

B : oh, I thought she is married

*Gak jelas, si oknum A ini gak ngerti dengan kata “married” ato budeg


A: I barely can walk,I hurt my neck (elus2 lutut)

B : u mean knee??

A : oh yes.. I mean kneeck

*Oknum B ketika itu emang agak flu, hidung yang mampet, memberikan sensasi dan efek “D” ato “K” pada pengucapannya


A: u should improve ur english writing

B: inggris gw bagus kok,cuma tulisan gw emang jelek,temen gw kbanyakan dokter sih

*Kebangetan ini mah.. harus les di LIA dari basic


A : Belok kiri nya itu abis ada papan iklan pesawat calus itu loh mit

B : Owwh.. gak pernah liat, ntar kalo iklannya udah keliatan, kasih tau aja

A : Nahh… itu diaa..!!

B : #Abis baca iklan langsung pingsan

Iklan Adam Air – “ Call Us Now For Reservation”

Taken from here


B : Kamu lagi ngapain?

A : Nonton film.. bagus nih.. la ke hos

B : Film apaan tuh?

A : Itu loh yg ada Kiyanu Ri Ves nya..

A : Lake House kaliiii.. yg maen Keanu Reeves

*mendadak ilfil

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